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John RW Stott Memorial

27 April 1921 - 27 July 2011

In His Own Words

John R W Stott As a typical adolescent, I was aware of two things about myself, though doubtless I could not have articulated them in these terms then. First, if there was a God, I was estranged from him. I tried to find him, but he seemed to be enveloped in a fog I could not penetrate. Secondly, I was defeated. I knew the kind of person I was, and also the kind of person I longed to be. Between the ideal and the reality there was a great gulf fixed. I had high ideals but a weak will. . . . [W]hat brought me to Christ was this sense of defeat and of estrangement, and the astonishing news that the historic Christ offered to meet the very needs of which I was conscious.

Whether you are estranged from Christ or walk with Him, may this memorial site be used by God to draw you to the only source of life for us all, Jesus Christ.

Funeral at All Souls Church, London

8th August 2011.
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4th September 2011.
John Stott’s earthly resting place [PDF 613 KiB]

London Memorial Service

London Memorial and Thanksgiving Service
St Paul’s London : Friday 13 January 2012

Remembrance Book

Bethesda, MD I remember when I first had the privilege of meeting John Stott. No doubt it was my honor to meet this man whose books I’d read and heard quoted almost every Sunday at my church. However, when he greeted me, he expressed such genuine gratitude in meeting me that it seemed he was the one honored! I was affected by his humility and sincere interest in others.